Ministerial Inspirational Scholarship

Ministerial Inspirational  Scholarship

  • Award Amount: $1,000
  • Number  of Awards: Multiple per year as funds permit
  • License Requirement: General Class
  • Field of Study: Biblical Studies
  • Institution: Any
  • Other: Demonstrated interest in biblical studies /ministerial

There are three components to the “C” Average Encouragement Scholarship Application:

  1. Online application which includes uploading official transcripts.
  2. Online Essay Requirement per specific scholarship.*
  3. Online Letter Requirement per specific scholarship.#

*Essay requirements: Applicants must write a 350- to 500-word essay on “Why I desire this scholarship

#Letter Requirement from a significant male or “Father Figure”, an on the topic of “Why my child deserves this scholarship

To apply for the Ministerial Inspirational Scholarship, please submit an application through the College Planning Application System    (800) 811-4546 Ext. 13