“C” Average Scholarship Dallas

C” Average Scholarship Dallas, Texas

Awarded to a high school student whose GPA is a C average or better in any field of study the student chooses.

  • Award Amount: $1,500
  • Number  of Awards: Multiple per year as funds permit
  • Region: Resident of Texas
  • Field of Study: Any
  • Institution: Any

There are three components to the “C” Average Encouragement Scholarship Application:

  1. Online application which includes uploading official transcripts.
  2. Online Essay Requirement per specific scholarship.*
  3. Online Letter Requirement per specific scholarship.#

*Essay requirements: Applicants must write a 750- to 1,000 word essay on “Why I desire this scholarship

#Letter Requirement from a significant male or “Father Figure”, a on the topic of “Why my child deserves this scholarship”

To apply for the “C” Average City Scholarship, please submit an application through the College Planning Services Application System